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Meeting with Sewalanka

I just had a very exciting and encouraging meeting with Sivapackiyan, the Field Director and District Program Coordinator for the Nuwaraeliya and Badulla Districts of Sri Lanka, and her team, comprised of social mobilizers and field and agriculture coordinators for Sewalanka. I had the honor of explaining the inner workings of my new startup, WhoElse, www.whoelse.net, to the people here, who work directly with local farmers and home gardeners. Sewalanka works to help keep small farmers strong. I am so happy to report that everybody in the room not only understood the idea, but liked it, and committed to going into the field and asking farmers what they would use the software for, and what their impressions of it would be. They will be getting back to me next week. Wijaya, who also works for Sewalanka and has been showing me around the country, came up with a great idea to use the existing Community Based Organization (CBO) Leaders to train the other farmers. And Venerable Manjushri, the monk who has been my helper, did an amazing job summarizing the value proposition and translating the whole meeting. Today was a very good day!

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  • Doreen

    Love the concept, name, your next-step initiative. 

  • Michael selvam

    am michael selvam from nuwara eliya
    i am innovated a technology to produce vegi seeds locally for frist time in sri lanka testing his product in the dept.of agriculture.i am involved in innovative agriculture using modern technologies such as poly tunnel;and modern irrigation systems,new crop varieties.pls help me  thank you.

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