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The Context

Mind, which is infinite potential and infinite energy, and for a long time, the only game in town, finally gets bored or interested enough to manifest. Makes matter. Matter literally evolves through differentiation into subtle, complex and life-capable matter, which, because it’s still part of mind, actually becomes life. Being physical beings lets us experience the universe in a way that pure mind cannot. But the laws that govern its functioning are very risky and there is no higher authority. We become aware that we are all that at this or some other exact moment and seek to develop that awareness.

I, personally, in 1998, decided the proper form of that seeking, for me, was not academic, but had to be engaged. So I started a business that was supposed to help people wake up by selling them stuff that was supposedly woken up, as it were. It kind of worked, kind of didn’t, and after 12 years I sold it. Went to Southeast Asia for a few months and started this blog. Came home and never really felt home. Never felt as if the trip was over either. And while I had a life-changingly important and interesting several months from April through November, decided I need to complete this process somehow, whereever it leads, and booked a new trip. So if you are coming aboard now, the context is that I am reincarnating while still in this very life. About half way through and I am coming back as me. Specifically, I wrapped up all the loose ends re the sale of my company, came up with a new idea which is to use the energy and abilities of the people in Asia to create a deeper conversation, and am heading back in early December 2011 to do research on me and the world, on Buddhism and meditation, and explore and see where the road leads, and keep going.